I’m a video copywriter, and I’m good.

OK I'm also biased. Scroll down, watch some videos and see for yourself.

Explainer Video Script for Tribeca Cloud

Project: Tribeca Cloud
Challenge: Explain the service and how it benefits web designers and others.
Target: Web designers and developers that prefer to outsource the more technical, IT related aspects of web design.
Approach: The script is written to appeal to the technophobic nature of many designers and other creatives.

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Promotional Video for Starmap

Project: Starmap
Challenge: Promote this popular astronomy app with some engaging, humorous content.
Target: Astronomers, students, hobbist and casual stargazers.
Approach: Create brief parodies of historical events that are astronomy related and imagine how they might have been differnt if these people had starmap.

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Explainer Script for Swipe Thru Advertising

Project: Swipe Thru Advertising
Challenge: Explain this new technolgy and how it benefits users and advertisers
Target: Advertiser or Ad Agency using mobile advertising
Approach: Explain how mobile technology demands a new way to view or close ads on smaller screens

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Explainer Video Script for IntroHub

Project: IntroHub Explainer Video
Challenge: Explain how the app IntroHub lets users earn money leveraging their social media contacts.
Target: Anyone with high profile social media contacts, salespeople or anyone wishing to connect with or secure a meeting with a "hard-to-reach", high value decision maker
Approach: Explain how the app works with a fun anecdotal story featuring a fictional company, CoolCo, and Mr. Big, the VIP. Both target audiences, the buyer and the seller are represented as characters in the story.

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